Fishing News

Surf Report, April 1, 2014
Here it is April 1st and the March Perch Derby is over. Have had some nice catches. Here are the winners: 1st Canuto Padilla 2 lb. 2 oz. 2nd Enrique Duran 1 lb. 11 oz. 3rd Paul Parman 1 lb. 9 0z. 4th Clemente Vasquez 1 lb. 6 oz. 5th Sione Kuliha'apai 15.5 oz. Congratulations to all the winners! Come on in and pick up your gift certificates. Perch fishing is still the mainstay for the local area. Bloodworms and lug worms seem to be working best. Some halibut reported being taken in the surf on Lucky Craft and live anchovies. Come on in and sign up for the April Perch Derby. Next month will be the May Halibut Derby.
Surf Report, March 15, 2014

Here it is, half way through March and the Perch Derby is in full swing. Here are the leaders:

1.    Canuto Padilla     2 lb. 2 0z.

2.    Enrique Duran     1 lb. 11 oz.

3.    Paul Parman        1 lb. 9 oz.    This one was caught and released. Way to go Paul!

4.    Sione Kuliha'apai         13 oz.

5.    ........ could be you!

Reports of a lot of halibut being taken on bait, plastics and lures.  One angler at Camp Pendleton took two 26" keepers at Del Mar Basin.

Had a BIG surprise yesterday when Spencer Relator brought in a HUGE sheepshead to be weighed. Came in at a whopping 27 lbs. 4.8 ozs.! 32 1/2" long! What a GREAT catch. Congratulations Spencer!

Surf Report, March 3, 2014

The February Perch Derby is history, and here are the results:

1st     Howard Iwasaita    2 lb.  5 oz.

2nd    Canuto Padilla       1 lb.  11 oz.

3rd     Ryan Hurley            1 lb. 4 oz.

4th      Jeff Laugon            1 lb. .3 oz.

5th      Bryan Parker           1 lb. 1.3 oz

Congratulations to all the winners. We now have the March Perch Derby underway, Come on in and sign up. Perch fishing is on right now with a couple nice fish already checked in. Also had a report of a 38 lb. halibut being caught by the entrance to the lagoon. We were told that halibut were jumping out of the water chaseing smelt. Looks like an early spawn...? Let's see what happens.

Surf Report February 14, 2014

Here it is, the middle of February and it still feels like summer. The February Perch Derby is in full swing and we have over 175 sign-ups already. Here is the leader board:

1.  Howard Iwasaita             2 lb. 5.oz.

2.   Ryan Hurley                     1 lb. 4 oz.

3.   Jeff Lauhon                      1 lb. 3 oz.

4.   Akio Ransom                            9 oz.

5.   Eduardo Rabio                         7 oz.

The perch fishing is reall good right now with the low surf and high temperatures. Have been getting continuing reports of legal halibut being taken on Lucky Craft lures. So... get out there and go fishin'!

Surf Report January 21, 2014
The weather continues to be like summer with January being really warm. Surf fishing has been on the slow side but some nice halibut have been caught here and there. Couple of nice ones were caught at Army/Navy and at Ponto around the first of the year. Plastics and Luckycraft seem to be the most productive. Pesch fishing keeps being the mainstay of the surf. We will be starting another Perch Derby the 1st of February. You can sign up for the derby now and be already when the 1st of the month comes along. See you then.
Surf Report November 30, 2013
Well... here it is the end of the month and the November Halibut Derby is history. Out of the over 150 sign-ups we had only 1 entry. Mark Louis of Oceanside brought in his first fish that weighed in at 6 lb. 7 oz., only to beat it later in the month with a nice 8 lb. 0 oz. fish. Congratulations to Mark. Come on in and pick up your $150.00 gift certificate to the store. We had 2 other fish that were brought in, a 16 pounder and a 27 pounder. Both great fish, but... they forgot to sign up before they brought the fish in. BUMMER! Surf fishing continues to be pretty good with perch and croaker being caught on blood worms. The lagoon continues to produce a lot of short halibut, but some keepers are being taken.
Surf Report October 30, 2013
The weather has cooled off but the standard fishing still remains. Perch seem to be always biting and they still are on bloodworms and Gulp baits. Croaker are still being caught too. Halibut are in their second spawn and are being picked up here and there. In response to numerous requests we are going to have a "November Halibut Derby." Come on into the shop and sign up. First place will be a $150.00 gift certificate to the store, second is $50.00 and $25.00 for third. Get a big hali, bring it into the store to get it weighed and measured. Good luck to all!
Surf Report September 12, 2013
The water temp. has been fluctuating so much that it has been causing the local fishing to do the same thing. But... there have been some really good catches brought into the shop the past month. Just to mention a few, Al Nogues caught a 7 lb. 3 oz. sheephead on the pier using squid. Jeff Kuntz nailed a 27 lb. White Seabass on a Lucky Craft in the surf while targeting halibut. The pier has been seeing a lot of bait with a scattering of small yellow tail and bonito being caught. Also got a report of a 5 1/2' Thresher being caught on the pier.The other day a couple of guys pulled up to the shop with their boat and truck, and brought in a HUGE halibut caught "somewhere" around O'side or Carlsbad. 49 LB. 15OZ. and 49 inches long! What a monster. Bloodworms and Gulp sandworms are still working great in the surf for perch and corbina. Some croaker being caught too.
Surf Report August 20, 2013
With the cooler water at the beginning of the month the surf fishing has been a bit slow. Now that the water is beginning to get a little more seasonal the fishing should be improving too. The old standbys are still working in the surf for perch, bloodworms, Berkley gulp sand worms and cut anchovies in the lagoon. The big news is still the bluefin and yellowtail bite out of San Diego. So... let's hope the water continues to warm and it brings more yellowtail and dorado up here.
Surf Report July 31, 2013

It's the end of the month and the July Corbina Derby is history. Not many fish entered this year. Heard of a lot of reports of nice fish, but only 4 were brought in for the derby. Here are the results:

1st place : Jose Cruz      4 lb. 4 oz.

2nd  Jeff Lauhan              3 lb. 4 oz.

3rd   Rollin Grider             2 lb. 13 oz.

4th   Sal Gozalo                 2 lb. 3 oz.

5th       no entry

Congratulation to the winners! Come on in and pick up your checks. Surf fishing has been kind of slow the last couple of weeks. High surf and cold water temps. have really held down the action.   Water temp. has dropped from around 70 down to the low 60's. Brrrr... The lagoon has been fair and we had a nice halibut brought in this week caught in the surf at Del Mar, 23 LB. 2 OZ.! Nice fish. The BIG news is the bluefin and yellowtail bite south of San Diego and the local Dorado bite. If you get a chance... go!           

Surf Report 17 July, 2013

Here it is, just past the middle of July and we have 4 fish entered so far in the July Corbina Derby. In 1st place is:Jose Cruz with a 4 lb. 4 oz.'er. 2nd is: Jeff Lauhan, 3 lb. 4 oz., 3rd: Rollin Grider, 2lb. 13 oz. and 4th is Sal Gozalo at 2 lb. 3 oz. We have had a couple of really nice halibut weighed in the past few days, Ed Purcell brought in a 13 lb. 2 oz. 35"er caught at the Lagoon on live bait. Morgan Fain of Carlsbad was fishing in Del Mar and hooked up a nice 32 lb. flattie that measured in at 45" on a live sardine. Congratulations to those two on 2 nice fish.

The water continues to warm up and so does the offshore bluefin and yellowtail fishing. If you can do it, now is the time to get out on a 1 1/2 day boat or better and get in on the action. Lots of sightings of corbina in the surf up and down our beaches but are somewhat hard to get. They seem to be hook and line shy, and with small sand crabs to deal with it makes the fishing a bit of a challenge.

Surf Rport July 1, 2013

It's July 1st and the June Croaker Derby is over. The derby started out slow but finished with a bang with several nice fish being brought in. And the winners are...

1st      Canuto Padilla          6 lb. 15 oz.

2nd     Roland Petras          4 lb. 8 oz.

3rd      Denis Pica                4 lb. 5 oz.

4th      Charles Sherley       4 lb. 0 oz.

5th      Edwardo Campos   3 lb. 2 0z.

Congratulations to all the winners! Come on in and pick up your gift certificates.

The July Corbina Derby started today and we aready have our first entry. Jose Cruz brought in a 4 lb. 4 oz. giant taken at Tamarack on a sand crab. What a nice looking fish! The water is warming up and so is the fishing. Croaker are still being caught in abundance and we are seeing more corbina being caught too. (about time). Pier fihing still good around the surf zone with croaker being caught on mussels and small clams. The blue fin are starting to make their way up the coast slowly but surely with the 1 1/2 day boats getting a few scattered in with the great yellowtail bite. Everyone have a fun time this HOT July, so far...

Surf Report June 18,2013

We are half way through the June Croaker Derby and the leaders are:

1 st:  Canuto Padilla    5 lb. 6 0z.

2nd:  Denis Pica           4 lb. 5 oz.

3rd:   Charles Sherley  4 lb. 0 oz.

Heard many reports of big Spotfins being caught, but not being brought into the shop. If you haven' t signed up, yet come on in and sign up. Perch fishing is still good as always using bloodworms or Gulp 2" sandworms. Halibut fishing is still pretty slow, lots of shorts being taken at the lagoon but not many keepers. The big news right now is the Yellotail and Bluefin tuna bites on the 1 1/2 day boats and longer. If you get a chance to go, do it now.

Water is starting to warm up a bit, so maybe the surf fishing will too.

Surf Report June1, 2013

Here it is the 1st of June, the May Halibut Derby is over and it is time to start the June Croaker Derby. Come on in and sign up. Spotfin and Yellowfin Croaker are out there waiting to be caught. Catch a nice one and bring it into the shop and get it weighed and measured. Remember, top prize is a $100.00 gift certificate to the store.

Here are the winners of the May Halibut Derby:

1st place:  Robert Totanes     14 lb. 15 oz.

2nd:            Ed Purcell               14 lb. 7 oz.

3rd:             Richard Castana   14 lb. 3 oz.

4th:             Thomas Morales    13 lb. 2 oz.

5th:             Sergio Correa         10 lb. 5 oz.

Congratulations to all the winners. Come on in and pick up your gift certficates!

Fishing at local beaches has been good with reports of lots of small perch being caught on blood worms and Gulp baits. Croakers are starting to show up and an occasional corbina is being caught. The larger sand crabs are starting to re-appear too. Halibut fishing in the lagoon has been up and down, had a report of one guy getting 3 legals on Lucky Craft Lures, but... we didn't have one fish make it onto the derby board for the last 2 weeks of the derby. Guess that's why they call it "fishing," and not "catching fish!" Surf is down right now so get out there and FISH!

Surf Report May 15, 2013
Half way through the May Halibut Derby and we have some really nice catches. In 1st palace is Roger Totares with a 14 lb. 15 oz. flattie, 2nd Richard Castana, 14 bl. 3 0z., 3rd Thomas Morales, 13 llb. 2 oz., 4th Hu Da Qing, 9 lb. 7 oz. and in 5th, Jose Medina 4 lb. 5 oz. We have over 215 entrants for the derby and it's only half way through the month. Thanks for all the great support for the derby. Reports of some Macks being caught on the pier using Sabiki lures. Also continued good perch fishing, although they are running a little small. Still really fun fishing. The hot spot seems to be the lagoon with anglers using live fin bait having the most luck.
Surf Report May 1 2013

Well... Here it is, May 1st already. The April Perch Derby is over, and the May Halibut Derby is starting. Here are the WINNERS OF THE APRIL PERCH DERBY:

1st place: Larry Molina       1 lb. 8 oz.

2nd: Brian Parker                1 lb. 7 oz.

3rd: Zach Vorderbruggen   1 lb. 3 oz.

4th: Louis Doan                    1 lb. 3 oz.

5th: Lee Tappouni                1 lb. 1 oz.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.

Perch are continuing to be caught at the local beaches with the biggest one I have seen in awhile being caught by John Marsh from Leucadia. On April 28th be caught a 2 lb. 8oz. monster on bloodworms somewhere in Carlsbad, but... he was "not in derby." When he was buying the bloodworms I asked him if he was in the derby and he said "no." I told him he should sign up, but he said he "never won anything." Oh well... Sad to see a regular that comes into the shop often is getting out of the Marines and going back to Washington State. Terrance Yoho and his wife Adrianna have always been competitive in the derbies. In fact Terrance caught a 28+ Corvina, yes, a Corvina in the surf the other day. Nice fish. 

It's may 1st and the Halibut Derby is on. Come on into the shop and sign up. We already have about 50 sign ups so far. Should be a pretty competitive event. Speaking of halibut, an unidentified fisherman came into the shop on the 22nd  with a 20 lb.1 oz. hali caught on a Lucky Craft sardine pattern at Cassidy St. They ARE out there! Good Luck to all! 

Surf Report April 25, 2013

The month is almost over and we have a pretty close race in the Perch Derby.

In 1st palce is Larry Molina   1 lb. 8 oz.

2nd: Brian Parker                    1 lb. 7 oz.

3rd: Zach Vordenbruggen     1 lb. 3 oz.

4th: Lee Tappouni                   1 lb. 1 oz.

5th: Luis Arguelles                  1 lb. 0 oz.

Reports from most surf fisherman is that the perch seem to be on the small size. No reports of any big perch being taken. Have reports of halibut being taken in the lagoon, but most are shorts. One angler brought in a nice halibut on this past Monday, a 20 lb. 1 oz. flatty caught on a Lucky Craft sardine pattern at Cassidy St. No reports of any spot fin or yellowfin croaker. Water is starting to warm up a bit, lets hope the fishing warms up as well.

The May Halibut Derby starts on the 1st. We are taking early sign ups now so come on in and sign up.

Surf Report April 1, 2012

Here it is, April 1st and we have the final results of the March Perch Derby.

1st place: Terrence Yoho 1 lb. 14 oz.

2nd: Shain Hall                   1 lb. 13 oz.

3rd: Aramis Medina            1 lb. 11 oz.

4th: Isaac Vazquez              1 lb. 9 oz.

5th: Hector Cruz                   1 lb. 7 0z.

Congratulations to all the winners. Come on into the shop and pick up your gift certificates.

Perch still seem to be the hot ticket locally, also have heard of yellow fin croaker and spot fins showing up more and more. Also halibut are starting to appear too. Report of a nice 30" hali taken at a Carlsbad beach by a diver, other reports of fish being taken on live bait at Ponto. Is it finally starting to happen? Come into the shop and let us know what you are catching and what you are using so we can share it with the rest of the fishin' folk. We have another Perch Derby starting today. Come on in and sign up.

Surf Report March 16, 2013

Half way throught the month and the March Perch Derby is producing some great results. In 1st place is Terrence Yoho 1 lb. 14 oz.; 2nd Aramis Medina 1 lb. 11 oz.; 3rd Isaac Vazquez 1 lb. 9 oz.; 4th Hector Cruz 1 lb. 7 oz. and 5th Adrianna Yoho 1 lb. 3 oz. Those are some nice perch. Reprts of some croaker being caught in the lagoon and surf. Sand crabs are showing up on some beaches so the croaker fishing should continue to get better. Aslo somemore reports of some local halibut catches, mostly 22" to 26" ones.  Waiting for the weather and water to warm up, should be starting soon.

Surf Report March 1, 2013

It's the first of the month and the February Perch Derby is over. We had over 180 entrants. And the winners are...

1. Scott Mann               1 lb. 11oz.

2. Isaac Vasquez        1 lb. 10 0z.

3. Terrence Yoho        1 lb. 7 oz.

4. Sione Kulihaapai   1 lb. 7 oz.

5. Jesus Medina         1 lb. 6 0z.

Congratulations to all the winners. Come on into the shop to receive your prizes. The March Perch Derby has now started so come in to sign up. Have had reports of the sand crabs starting to show up on local beaches. Also some catches of spot fin Croakers being reported. A few halibut here and there. Water is still cold but the fishing seems to be picking up a bit.

Surf Report February 11, 2013
The February Perch Derby is into it's second week and the fish are really starting to come in. In 1st place is Terrence Yoho at 1 lb. 10 oz, 2nd, Charles Hasket 1 lb. 4 oz., 3rd, Michael Vampola 1 lb. 3 oz, 4th, Sione Kulihaapai 1 lb. 3 oz, and 5th place is Michael Cameron 1 lb. 2 oz. Also getting some reports of some nice bass out of the lagoon. Lower surf and nicer weather should pick up the surf bite even more.
Surf Report February 1, 2013

Seems the  weather is finally starting to get nice again, but the water is still a cool, 55. Couple weeks ago Mike Weist, fishing the La Jolla kelp got 2 nice "old guard' yellows on the yoyo with scrambled egg and blue chrome iron. Had report of a 5lb corbina caught on Carlsbad Beach with bloodworms. Perch fishing is still the hot item with Gulp in bloody and camo with grubs and bloodworms being the go to baits. Also some halibut showing up in the local surf and down at Del Mar.Local boat fishing has seen mixed bags of sand bass and sculpin being taken on swim baits and squid from Camp Pendleton south to Solano Beach. Artificial reefs and kelp beds have been the most promising spots. The lagoon has been pretty slow, and the Humboldts have left the area.

Today is the start of the February Perch Derby. Hace already had about 70 people sign up. Rememmber, it is a FREE derby with 1st prize being a $100.00 gift certificate to the store. Come on in and sign up!

Surf Report January 7, 2013
Looks like the local surf and lagoon fishing is trying to start back up again. Now if just the weather and surf conditions will cooperate a bit... Have had reports from last week that several halibut have been caught on live anchovies down at Del Mar. Also getting some reports of halibut being caught at Agua Hedionda lagoon along with a bunch of spot fin croaker. The perch bite has been on for awhile along with some yellow fin croaker, with bloodworms and Gulp being the favored baits. We will be taking sign ups for the February Perch Derby at the end of this month. The Humboldt squid are also back in big numbers. Don't forget to get your 2013 fishing license and lobster cards!
Surf Report December 12, 2012
WE ARE BACK... Many reports of great perch fishing coming in from spots up ond down the local beaches. Bloodworms and Gulp grubs in the "motor oil" color are the hot baits. Heard that some croaker are starting to show up too. Had one guy come into the shop that said he has been getting a few halibut out of the Del Mar area. Could Ponto be far behind? Get out those Lucy Craft lures and start casting the surf and lagoons. Who knows when they might start hitting...
Surf Report October 8, 2012

Seems that fall is in the air, little cooler days and nights and water temps have dropped a bit too. Surf fishing has been dropping off a bit also. Looks like the sand crabs have left the beaches. Went fishing the other day and couldn't find any of them anywhere. Had a nice surprise on Saturday when Rustin Dietrich and his friend came into the shop to see if we could weigh a fish for them. They had been fishing down in the Ponto area on Rustin's boat the "Day Tripper." Were just drifting with the current for halibut and caught one 10lb 4 oz'er. Then... WHAM, Rustin's rod does the big bendo and line starts ripping off. A  47," 30lb 12 oz yellowtail eventually is brought into the boat. NICE FISH! Good to see a nice fish like that in the local inshore waters. Congrats" Rustin!

Surf Report October 3. 2012
Warm to hot days and cool nights. Seems fall is in the air and Lobster Season is in full swing. Have had reports of 5 to 1 shorts to legal ratio, not bad when most of the ratios are alot higher. Everyone seems to have their "honey hole." Heard that small bonito have been caught at the pier on sabikis. Oceanside beaches are still producing nice catches of surf perch and a few croaker and corbina tossed in as well. Heard from one guy fishing at Ponto that the sand crabs have disapeared down there. Oh well... they do come and go. Off shore tuna bite seems to still be going on strong.
Surf Report September 20, 2012

Fishing for surf perch at local beaches is about as good as it gets right now, especially at Oceanide beaches between Cassidy St. and the pier. The general consensus among anglers credits the huge sand crab polulation in those areas for bringing in the fish that are looking for food. The sand crabs are also attracting corbina into the shallows, with some anglers saying they are having fish swim right by in front of them. Fishing at both high and low tides has been equally productive. Oceanside angler Henry Haddad, who lives at the beach near Wisconsin St., said he has been using sand crabs as bait and has been catching and releasing fish in phenomenal numbers.

Surf Report September 9, 2012
Customer came into shop telling how good the surf fishing has been around the Wisconsin St. area. Said he goes fishing for about an hour every morning and has been doing very well. Using mostly sandcrabs be has been getting some nice surf perch in the 12 to 13" sizes. Also catching some yellowfin croakers. Like hearing reports like that since fishing was sort of slow for awhile.
Surf Report September 7, 2012

Not much has changed on the surf fishing front the last week or so. The big surf and huge current didn't help much. We are still getting reports of corbina being caught and seen at local beaches. Sand crabs seem to be hanging around still causing the corbina to come up to the shallows. The big news is the great fishing for dorado, YFT, BFT, YT and albies. The bite just seems to be getting better and better, and moving up the coast. If you haven't been out yet it looks like there's still time to do it. With the surf getting small again the croaker and corbina fishing should start improving. Bloodworms being the old stand-by.

Surf Report August 29, 2012
Don't need to tell anyone how warm the water is... but, isn't it great? 73F today. Bluefin, yellowfin, dorado and yellowtail still moving closer to O'side. Reports of dodo's being caught 5 miles out locally. The pier has seen some small bonito and mackerel being caught on Sabikis. In the surf we are still getting reports of croaker and corbina being caught on mussels, anchovies, clams, sandcrabs and the old standby... bloodworms. Hearing about some nice catches of perch south of the pier down to Wisconsin St.
Surf Report August 16, 2012
Time for bonito to show up at the pier and beaches, but even with water in the 70's they are still a no show. The pier is still showing good catches of yellowfin and spotfin croakers hitting on mussels, shrimp and bloodworms. Surf and walleye perch are still the staple at the beaches. Fish where the sand crabs are. If you only find small ones, load them up on the hook and make a "meat ball." I think everyone has seen the publicity on the 600+ Mako caught about 5 miles out from the pier. Awesome shark!
Surf Report August 6, 2012

Weather and water staying nice and warm. Report of a nice 5 lb. spot fin caught by Barkey ? on a sand crab the other day. Reports of some corbina and some short halis from the lagoon, lots of perch caught in close. Great fishing for the kids.

Congratulations to Canuto Padilla for having the winning ticket in the drawing compiled of all the winners in the previous derbies for this spring and fall. A $250 gift certificate to the store netted Canuto a nice Saltist Reel. Again, Congratulations Canuto!

Surf Report August 1, 2012

It's the 1st of August and the July Corbina Derby is over. The winners are:

1st      Mike Cameron      5 lb. 5 0z.

2nd    Chris Ferruger       4 lb. 7 oz.

3rd      Shane Mills           3 lb. 0oz.

4th      Kimberly Torres    2 lb. 8 oz.

5th      George Meyer        2 lb. 1 oz.

Congratulations to all the winners. The Grand Prize Drawings will be held  at the shop this Saturday. Call for details.



Surf Report July30, 2012
Water temps. fluctuating almost daily, but still better than last summer. With 1 day to go in the July Corbina Derby Mike Cameron is in 1st place at 5 lb. 10 oz.; 2nd is Cris Ferruger 4 lb. 7 oz.; 3rd Shane Mills 3 lb. 0 oz.; 4th Kimberly Torres 2 lb. 8 oz. and 5th George Meyer 2 lb 1 oz. Still getting reports of big fish but not being brought into the shop. Reports of good fishing coming in from the Pier and Cassidy St. Look for the sand crabs, that's where the fish are.
Surf Report July 25, 2012
Haven't seen water temps. like this in a couple years. O'side 70F and offshore it's 65. Surf fishing for corbina is still steady on sand crabs and bloodworms. Look for where the sand crab colonies are. Have reports of some guys fishing for corbina that they have had them literally swimming between their legs, but... we still have only 4 fish weighted in for the July Corbina Derby. Still in 1st place is Mike Cameron, 5 lb 10 oz; 2nd Chris Ferruger, 4 lb 7 oz, 3rd Shane Mills, 3 lb 0 oz; 4th George Meyer 2 lb 1 oz. and 5th Gary Sershon 14 oz.  Still 6 days left in the month. Get fishing!!!
Surf Report July 18, 2012
Update to the July Corbina Derby. We have a new leader. The fish was brought in after I left work the other day. Mike Cameron brought in a 5 lb 10 oz lunker to jump into the lead. Congratulations Mike on a great catch. Everyone else out there in the Derby, you still have a couple weeks to beat Mike's fish. Good luck.
Surf Report July 16, 2012
Water temp shoots up to 70F from cooler temps and weather. Hope the fishing heats up too. So far this month only 2 corbina checked in for the July Corbina Derby. Currently in 1st place is Chris Ferruger 4 lb 7 oz and in 2nd place Shane Mills at 3 lb 0 oz. Have heard many reports of larger fish, but none brought into the store. Lot of fish reported to be taken at the pier. Croaker and corbina in pacticular, taken on sand crabs and mussels. Army/Navy still sounds like the hot spot with a lot of action on sand crabs. Pretty fast current from south to north this morning with wind. Let's hope it settles down soon.
Surf Report July 10, 2012
Looks like summer has finally arrived. Now if the yellowtail just get a bit closer. Entrants into the Corbina Derby has been a bit slow. As of Monday the 9th, only 1 fish has been entered. Shane Mills brought in a nice 3 lb 0 oz fish at the start of the month. We did have a nice fish brought in on Saturday, but the angler forgot to sign in first before getting the fish. It was a fat 5 lb 5 oz, 22" corbina. Remember, you need to be signed in BEFORE you catch the fish. Hope to see some more nice fish brought in with this nice weather here. Oceanside water temp holding at about 67 with offshore heating up to 64. Talked to Josh Fretwell and he said he has been catching a lot of fish down at the campground. Been getting a bit of everything out there on bloodworms. Said they have been consistently getting shovel nose, spot fin, corbina and perch. Army/Navy seems to be pretty productive too.
Surf Report July 2, 2012

Summer is FINALLY here. Great weather and fishing is picking up too. Offshore yellow tail and blue fin. Just need some consistency. The last third of the Croaker Derby was kind of slow. No fish turned in for that period... until June 30th when Monica Kruse brought in a nice 5lb 6oz Spot Fin to claim 5 place. The winners are is follows:

1st    Joey Erwig                6 lb 5 oz

2nd   Chad Weatherford   6 lb 1 oz

3rd    Son Ly                       5 lb 11 oz

4th    Canuto Padilla         5 lb 7 oz

5th    Monica Kruse           5 lb 6 oz

Still getting reports of nice spot fin and yellow fin on sand crabs with a few corbina thrown in. No corbina weighted in yet for the July Corbina Derby. Come on in to sign up. Had a report of a 30+ Striper caught at Camp Pendleton on a sand crab in the surf. Saw a picture of it from fisherman that caught it. A real log. Come on in to see the pic.

Surf Report June 24, 2012
Water temp. dropped to 66 this week but is up to 68 today. Hope this brings the surf fishing back up too. Had a report of a 26" corbina caught on sand crabs. Lot of current and kelp weed this week. Soon as it slows down a bit fishing should get better. The Croaker Derby runs through the end of the month. The leader board hasn't changed since last week. For the month of July we will be having the Corbina Derby. Come on in this week and start signing up.
Surf Report June 19, 2012

The weather is starting to wam up and so is the fishing. Croaker and perch fishing has been great. Reports of lots of perch being caught on the incoming tide with sand crabs being the hot bait. Croaker fishing is taking off with some real nice fish being caught in the Oceanside surf. 1st place in the Perch Derbry is Joey Erwig, 6 lb 5 oz.; 2nd, Chad Weatherford, 6 lb 1 oz.; 3rd, Son Ly 5 lb. 11 oz.; 4th, Canuto Padilla, 5 lb 7 oz.; and 5th place is Juan Maillend 5 lb. 5 oz. Still about 2 weeks left in the Derby, suspect there are more big fish to be brought in.

Surf Report June 10, 2012

The June Croaker Derby is in full swing. Had reports that this weekend spot fin croaker were being taken in good numbers at several Oceanside beaches. Cassidy St and Oceanside Blvd seemed to be the hot spots. First week of the derby didn't bring in many fish but since then things started picking up.  In 1st place is Joey Erwig, 6lb. 5oz.; 2nd, Canuto Padilla, 5lb. 7oz.; 3rd, Juan Maillend 5lb. 5oz.; 4th, Jesus Medina, 5lb. 1oz. and 5th, Nick Soden, 4lb. 10oz. Water temp. has cooled to 66F but still feels warm when surf fishing. Haven't heard much about the halibut bite. Only reports we have had is alot of shorts being taken, but not many legals. Surf fishing is still producing barred surf perch, and their hitting on just about anything that's thrown at them.

Surf Report June 3, 2012
The water is warming up,67 degrees, and so is the fishing. Earlier in the week Leif Atkisson caught a 57lb. 1oz. white sea bass at San Onofre, and around mid week John Kristensen from Fallbrook caught a 50lb. 6oz. halibut in the same area. Both were caught on live squid. Corbina and croaker are starting to show up at local beaches. Oceanside pier has been productive for corbina on sand crabs and blood worms. The June Croaker Derby started on the 1st so come on into the store to sign up. The May Halibut Derby finished with a flurry with 4 of the 5 winners bringing in a winning fish in the last week.

Winners are as follows:

1st: Nick Plant 21lb. 1 oz.,
2nd: Jose Madina 17lb. 12oz.,
3rd: Andrew Hernandez 15lb. 4 oz.,
4th: Dustin Speck 11lb. 12oz.,
5th: Jeff Gibbons 11lb. 9 oz.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Surf Report, May 27, 2012
Computer has been down for a few days, but now we are up and running again. The Halibut Derby has been hot and furious. The leader board has been shaken up a bit. In 1st. place is Nick Plant at  21 lb. 1 oz.; 2nd, Jose Medina 17 lb. 12 oz., 3rd Dustin Speck, 11 lb. 12 oz.; 4th, Jeff Gibbons 11 lb 9 0z. and 5th, James Mahon, 11 lb. 0 oz. Water temp has been up and down, like the weather lately. Yesterday it was 63 and today it is up to 66. Four more days to go in the Halibut Derby, and then, starting on June 1st, the Croaker Derby begins. We are already taking entries for the Croakers. Croaker and corbina are beginning to show up at the local beaches. Bucaneer, Army/Navy and Cassidy St. seem to be the hot spots. Blood worms and sand crabs seem to be working best. Should be seeing better fishing starting today with the nice weather returning and a more calm surf. Let's hope so.
Surf Report May 13, 2012
Halibut fishing continues to be productive. Have some new names on the leader board for the Derby. Dustin Speck is still in 1st with an 11 lb. 12 oz "butt.";  2nd, James Mahon, 11 lb 0 oz.; 3rd, "Sambo" Richard Castanada 9 lb 11 oz.; 4th, Kile Dorman 8 lb. 12 oz. and 5th, Jose Medina 8 lb. 7 oz. Still a could of weeks to go in the Derby, so... keep fishin'  Most productive bait seems to be live smelt and bait from the Oceanside Harbor receiver. Water temp. seems to continue to hold around 65. Had a nice surprise on Saturday. John Erickson showed up at the shop to get a fish weighed. Huge 57 lb. 1 oz. white sea bass, taken in the kelp at Dana Point. John says that he thinks this is a San Diego free divers record for this year. (But isn't Dana Point in Orange County?) Oh well... still a fantastic fish!
Surf Report May 7, 2012
Halibut fishing seems to be picking up again. Since the Halibut Derby started May 1, we have had some nice entries. Leading the pack right now is an 11 lb. 12 oz. caught by Dustin Speck, 2nd is "Sambo" Richard Castanada with a 9 lb 11 oz. fatty. 3rd is Jose medina 8 lb. 7 oz., 4th Hu Daqing 6 lb. 10 oz. and 5th Brandon Park at 5 lb. 8 oz. Checked fish have been taken on live smelt, live bait from the harbor receiver and Lucky Craft.  Water temp. is up to 64 and reports are that La Nina is history. Sure hope so.
Surf Report May 1, 2012
Final result of the April perch derby is 1st Eloy Zurita 1lb 4oz; 2nd Warren Luce 1lb 3oz; 3rd Ian Gannon 1lb 1oz; 4th Canuto Padilla 1lb 1oz; 5th Menard Velasco 1lb 0oz.  May halibut derby starts today.  Don't forget to sign up!  With all the halibut reports and warming water--this could be a good one.  Best baits continue to be live bait, plastics and Lucky Craft Sardine Flash Minnow.
Surf Report Apr 29, 2012
One day left in the perch derby and the places remain the same with Eloy Zurita in 1st with 1lb 4oz; and rounding out with Menard Velasco at 1lb 0oz in 5th .  Hearing of even more halibut reports from Agua Hedionda and Bataquitos Lagoons.  Viewed two pictures of fish over 20 pounds.  Live bait, Lucky Craft and plastics are the ticket.  Don't forget to sign in for the May halibut derby.  Water temp up to 63 degrees today.
Surf Report Apr 22, 2012
Eloy Zurita has taken over 1st place with a 1lb 4oz perch.  With over 120 anglers the competition is getting tough.  Perch abound on the North County beaches, but most are small fish.  Still 8 days left to get into the money.  The big news is a pretty consistent halibut bite.  We've weighed in several fish in the 7-11 pound category with numerous more reports.  Most fish are coming from the power plant lagoon.  Plastics, Lucky Craft and live smelt are the preferred baits.  A few halibut are also reported in the surf.  Next derby is halibut during the month of May.  Sign up is available now at the tackle store. 
Surf Report April 16, 2012
One more perch added to the board today.  Menard Velasco with a 1 lb even.  Water temp still running in the middle 50's.  But sand crabs are being found up and down the beaches.  A good sign.  Use 'em if you find them.
Surf Report Apr 9, 2012
Nine days into the April perch derby and only one fish weighed in--Ian Gannon with a 1lb 1oz perch.  Should be somewhat intermittent weather into the weekend.  Lots of perch reports, but small.  You never know what might come up.  Keep plugging.
Surf Report Apr 1, 2012
March perch derby is done with top honors going to Pedro Haro with a 1lb 14oz fish.  No change in the 2 through 5 placers from the Mar 26th report.  Still getting legal halibut reports from the Oceaside Harbor and Agua Hediona Lagoon even though the water is pretty cold.  Live bait is the ticket there.  As for the perch, don't forget to try the little black crabs if you can get them.  April 1st starts the second perch derby.  Don't forget to sign in again to be eligible.
Surf Report Mar 26, 2012
With five days to go in the derby the leaders are:  1st- Pedro Haro 1lb 14 oz; 2nd- Menard Velasco 1lb 13oz; 3rd- Cesaer Haro 1lb 10oz; 4th- Canuto Padilla 1lb 6oz; 5th- Henry Haddad 1lb 1oz.  Most fish were caught in North Oceanside.  More legal halibut reports still coming in from both Agua Hedionda Lagoon and Oceanside Harbor. Live bait works best. Next derby is again perch during April. Don't forget you must sign up again to be eligible.
Surf Report Mar 11, 2012
With 20 days still to go the top three derby placers are 1 lb 14 oz, 1 lb 13 oz and 1 lb.  Still an abundance of perch, but the big ones are hard to come by.  Halibut reports continue to come in earlier than usual, both from Oceanside Harbor and the power plant lagoon.  Best baits are live sardines or smelt.
Surf Report Mar 4, 2012
The perch derby has commenced with over one hundred anglers already signed up.  Top fish so far is a 1lb 13oz perch caught by Menard Velsaco.   Best bait remain bloodworms and Gulp! camo sandworms.  Lots of perch being caught, but most are of the small size.  Still more reports of halibut being caught in Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Don't squander this good weather.  Never know what's around the corner. 
Surf Report Feb 21, 2012
Perch bite still consistent on North County beaches.  Increased reports of legal halibut being caught in surf and Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Live sardines and plastics have been the ticket.  Weighed in a 10# and 20# halibut last week.  Don't forget to sign up for the February perch derby. 
Surf Report Feb 12, 2012
More reports of short halibut in the power plant lagoon this week.  Perch bite still going strong throughout North County beaches.  First perch derby of the season commences March 1st. Free sign up, but must be signed in before weighing fish. See store for details.
Surf Report Jan 18, 2012
A very good perch bite on North County beaches.  Hot spot has been between the jetties in front of the power plant lagoon, with several anglers reporting 10+ fish catch and release.   Blood worms has been the best bait as usual.  Several reports of halibut being taken on the north side of Agua Hedionda Lagoon just inside the bridge.  Weighed a 10 pound halibut caught on a live sardine at the warm water jetty.  A larger fish was lost in the rocks at the same location.  Perch derby coming up in March.  More to follow.  Good fishing and don't waste the good winter weather.
Surf Report Oct 23, 2011
Been off the net for awhile. Not much to report recently, but fishing has been pretty much normal for this time of year even with the red tide.  Sand crabs are virtually gone so bloodworms tend to be the best bait for the perch and croaker.   A 12 pound halibut was caught at the power plant lagoon a couple of days ago on live smelt, so they're still around.  Lots of mackerel caught at the Oceanside Pier using sabiki rigs or anything bright.  Next store derby is perch during March 2012.
Surf Report Aug 9, 2011
Winner of the $250 grand prize drawing was Ralph Rodriguez. Derbies are done for this year.  Next up will be perch in March 2012,  Water temps took a big slide this week of almost 10 degrees having a big impact on the surf fishing.  As temps climb back up so has the fishing picked up.  Hot spots are North Ponto and the South Carlsbad campgrounds.  Best baits remain bloodworms, ghost shrimp and sand crabs. 
Surf Report Aug 2, 2011
The last derby of the year was won by Joshua Gordon with a 5 lb 8 oz corbina.  Next derbies will commence March 2012 with perch.  Surf fishing still at a good pace with lots of corbina reports as well as spotfin croaker.  Best baits continue to be bloodworm, ghost shrimp and sand crabs.  Grand prize drawing for $250 store credit will be held this Saturday for the five placers in each one of the derby's. 
Surf Report July 27, 2011
From Oceanside to Del Mar, surf fishing has been red hot on north county beaches.  Lots of corbina sighed swimming in the shallow surf with many caught and weighed in at the tackle store. Still four days left in the corbina derby.  Spotfin croaker still biting well.  Sharks also in the mix.  Bonito biting at the pier using splasher balls.  Best baits for the corbina and spotfin remain sand crabs (soft is best), bloodworms and ghost shrimp.  Don't waste time; get out and fish.  Doesn't get much better. 
Surf Report July 17, 2011
Surf fishing has been as good as it gets.  Spotfin and yellowfin croaker, perch, corbina and sand sharks have been caught in abundance.  With 160 anglers in the corbina derby, 5 lb 8 oz is the leader.  Lots of 2-3 pound corbina have been weighed in at the tackle store this week.  Best baits for the corbina are sand crabs and bloodworms.  Same bait is good for spotfin and perch.  Lots of sand crabs around and easy to catch.  Time to get out and take advantage.  Oceanside Pier, power plant lagoon and beaches are all producing. 
Surf Report July 1, 2011
Croaker derby is finished with Jerry Montrefalcon taking first place with a 7 lb 2 oz fish.  Lots of croaker taken with five and a half pounds needed to get on the board.  Corbina derby started today and runs though the month of July.  Bloodworms and sand crabs are best baits, but lots of other baits work as well.  Oceanside pier has given anglers a lot of excitement with big sharks busting tackle.  Water approaching 70 degrees.  Looks like summer is starting in earnest. 
Surf Report June 12, 2011
Plenty of  good sized spotfin croaker continue to hit the scales at the tackle shop.  Weighed in a 5 lb 11 oz and 5 lb 2 oz today--one from the power plant lagoon and the other in front of the Army/Navy Academy.  Currently 5 lb 2 oz is the last place fish. First place is a whopping 7 lb 2 oz spotfin.  Bloodworms, ghost shrimp and mussel continue to be the best bait.  On another front, shark fishing has been hot at the Oceanside Pier.  A 100+ lb soupfin was taken yesterday evening on chunk mackerel.  Lots of smooth hounds being caught and lots of the bigger sharks busting off the lighter lines.  Minimum 50 lb line needed for the bigger guys.  Also an abundance of mackerel being caught at the pier. 
Surf Report June 7, 2011
One week into the croaker derby and 161 anglers have signed up.  Fishing has been good with the top three placers above 5 pounds.  Top honors goes to Humberto Carrion with a 5 lb 9 oz spotfin.  Second place goes to Alex White with a 5 lb 7 oz fish--he also brought in another fish over 5 lbs.  Best spot has been the power plant lagoon.  Best baits continue to be bloodworms and ghost shrimp.
Surf Report June 1, 2011
The halibut derby has concluded with Chad Butler's 12 lb 14 oz flatty taking the top honors.  Many halibut were caught by the 271 anglers participating, but most were on the small side.  Of note however was a 39 lb 3 oz halibut weighed in by Paul Engle this morning.  It was 46 inches long and was caught at Ponto with a scampee lure.  Today is the first day of the croaker derby and a 5 lb 0 oz has already been weighed in by George Meyer.  Expect lots of croaker action in this derby.  Best baits are bloodworms, ghost shrimp and mussel.  Don't forget to sign up at the tackle store. 
Surf Report May 24, 2011
Chad Butler weighed in a 12 lb 14 oz halibut today to move into first place.  Fish was caught in the power plant lagoon on plastic.  Halibut bite is improving in both lagoons with many stories of large fish broken off.  Preferred bait is live smelt, but don't (obviously) discount plastics.  Spotfin croaker bite has also improved with lots of fish taken at the pier as well as the power plant lagoon.  Six days left in the halibut derby.  Next up is spotfin croaker.  Don't forget to sign in again.   
Surf Report May 15, 2011
12 lb 8 oz remains the top halibut in the derby, although lots of stories of bigger ones caught which weren't in the tourney.  Hot spots have been Ponto Beach south of the camp grounds to La Costa Blvd on the beach and the Battaquitos channel west of the tressle.  Agua Hedionda is a close second.  Best bait is live smelt caught with sabiki rigs.  Plastics, Krockodiles and frozen anchovies also work.  As water temps struggle to rise, more corbina have been sighted.  Spotfin croaker still biting well on  shore and lagoons using bloodworms.
Surf Report May 9, 2011
Nine days into the halibut derby and quite a number of fish have been weighed in.  Mostly small in the 6-7 lb range with the biggest fish being 12 lb 8 oz caught by Jorge Martinez at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  That's where most of the fish are being caught.  Best bait is smelt caught in the lagoon.  Rising water temps along with current  grunion runs bode well for a decent halibut catch this year. 
Surf Report April 30, 2011
The April perch derby has concluded with the following results:  Canuto Padilla, 1 lb 12 oz; Ralp Rodriguez, 1 lb 6 oz; Rudy Sinsuan, 1 lb 3 oz; George Meyer, 14 oz; and Manny Ontiveros 13 oz.  Things are inproving quickly with water temps now hovering around 65 degrees.  Sand crabs are back with most anglers easily finding them.  More reports of spot fin croaker both in the surf and the power plant lagoon have been reported. Halibut are moving in closer to the beach for the spawn.  Don't forget to fish the grunion runs on the full moons.  Bood worm, ghost shrimp and Gulp! sand worm in the camo color have been the best producers.  Don't forget to sign in at the tackle store for the May halibut derby.  As a matter of info--As an official IGFA weigh station, we will weigh any fish you want to bring in to the store.  Also Mexican annual licenses have been reduced to just $55.  Quick and easy-- avoid the rush and hassle. 
Surf Report April 10, 2011
April perch derby is underway with a 1lb 12oz and a 1lb 6oz  fish leading the way.  Both fish were caught in the North County (Oceanside) area.  Bloodworms, Gulp! Sandworms and motor oil grubs tend to be the best baits.  Of note is a number of leopard sharks caught between the two power plant  jetties using cut mackerel.  Spotfin croaker still biting at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Good news--Water temps have noticeably risen in the last week.
Surf Report Apr 2, 2011
The March perch derby concluded with Canuto Padilla taking first place with a 2lb 3oz fish.  Next four places were Joe Granger 1lb 9oz, Steve Granger 1lb, Benito Solorzano 13oz and Brian Parker 11oz, respectively.  150 anglers participated.  All the bigger fish came from the North County area beaches with bloodworms being the best bait.  April perch derby is underway with a 1lb 12oz already weighed in.  Don't forget you must sign in again for each derby to be eligible.  With water  finally topping the 60 degree mark, more legal halibut and spotfin croaker are hitting at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Best baits for the spotfin are bloodworms and ghost shrimp.  Also reports of a 44 inch halibut a Battaquitos Lagoon.  May derby will be halibut.
Surf Report Mar 27, 2011
Two more good sized North County perch were brought in by Joe and Steve Granger weighing in at 1lb 9oz and 1lb 0oz respectively. Perch are coming from both Carlsbad and Oceanside. Best baits remain bloodworms. Next derby will also be perch during the month of April. You must sign up for this one separately. There are still decent reports of spotfin croaker at Agua Hedionda Lagoon with bloodworm and ghost shrimp the best baits. Halibut starting to show. A 16 pounder was weighed in last week from Carlsbad on a Krocodile.
Surf Report Mar 13, 2011

Plenty of perch being caught around North County beaches with blood worms being the best bait.  A number of anglers have bought good sized perch to the tackle store that were not signed up for the derby.  Don’t forget to sign up.  It’s free.  Only two valid perch weighed in with the largest still 2lb 3oz.  Plenty of room and time for prize money.  Power plant starting to heat up with more reports of halibut and spotfin croaker.  Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle will start summer hours on March 28, remaining open until 7 PM Monday through Saturday.



Surf Report March 6, 2011

Top perch is a 2lb 3oz monster caught by Canuto Padilla just north of the Oceanside Pier.  Plenty of perch around with bloodworms being the best bait.  Power plant lagoon is starting to produce some nice spotfin croaker.  Don’t forget to sign in for the March perch derby.  Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle will start summer hours commencing March 28, remaining open until 7 PM Monday through Saturday.





Surf Report Feb 27, 2011
For those who fish between weather systems, fishing has not been too bad.  Surf perch are readily caught all along the county beaches with bloodworms being the best bait.  Agua Hedionda Lagoon has been producing small halibut, spotfin croaker and the usual sharks and rays.  Water temps running a cool 56-59.    A reminder that Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle will be holding its annual Perch Derby starting in March.  Lots of store credits for the winners.  Details are available at the tackle store.
Surf Report Jan 23, 2011

Water holding at a cool 55-58 degrees.  Reports of spotted bay bass on plastics as well as decent perch action with bloodworms reported off Oceanside jetty. 

Perch can also be found most venues up and down the coast.  Another good place to go is Agua Hedionda Lagoon while they are dredging.  Fish around active dredging.  Spotfin, bay bass and halibut can be found in the stirred up bottom.  Perch derby starts the month of March.  Free entry, but you must sign up prior to weighing a fish.  See details at the store.





Surf Report Jan 9, 2001

Perch still bill of fare along the coast.  Beacon’s has had some good reports recently using bloodworms.  Best spot for croaker is power plant lagoon.  Don’t forget to get your new 2011 fishing license at the tackle store.


Surf Report Jan 2, 2011

Mostly perch along the North County beaches in between the storms.  Also some spotfin croaker at the Oceanside Pier.  New 2011 licenses are available.  DFG is on line this year. As a reminder, you must have a valid California drivers license/ID to purchase a resident license.  We will also be able to sell hunting licenses this year.


Fishing Report Dec 12, 2010

New 2011 licenses are now available.  Licenses now come from Automated License Data System, consequently you must have a California ID, CDL/ID to obtain a resident license.  Fishing has been slow, but perch have been pretty good on all North County beaches.  A few small thresher sharks are being caught off the Oceanside Pier and reports of large leopard sharks in San Diego Bay.

Surf Report Oct 31, 2010

Water temps holding in the mid 60’s along the coast.  Squid are abundant along the coast right now which might bring some bigger fish closer to shore.  Small halibut are being reported at North County beaches, but perch are providing most of the action.  Also of note, small thresher sharks still are being caught off the end of the Oceanside Pier.   


Surf Report Oct 10, 2010

Water temps still holding in the mid to high 60’s along the coast.  Small halibut are being reported at North County beaches, with perch being the fish providing most of the action.  Also of note, small thresher sharks are being caught off the end of the Oceanside Pier.   Lobster season opened Oct 2.  Don't forget to get your Lobster Report Card.  As a reminder: don't forget to fill it out before you go buggin.



Surf Report Sept 21, 2010

Lots of small halibut and perch reported between warm water and intake jetties in front of the power plant lagoon.  Frozen anchovies for the halibut and anything else for the perch.  Oceanside Pier has been slow this week. 


Surf Report Sept 13,2010

Although water temps are still low for this time of year, it hasn’t affected the fishing much.  More reports of halibut caught on the North County beaches.  Red hot lure has been the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow in the metallic sardine color.  Bonito have also shown up at the Oceanside Pier.  Fishing at the end with chartreuse and white flies has worked the best.  Spotfin croaker are still biting at the power plant lagoon in Carlsbad.  Best baits here are bloodworms and mussel.


Surf Report Aug 29,2010

Water temps fluctuating high fifties to high sixties, yet sand crabs and corbina still can be found on North County beaches.  Best report is a good leopard shark bite off the Oceanside Pier using sardines, squid and cut mackerel.  These sharks are also being caught off the beaches.  Lots of 3-5lb croaker being reported/caught at the power plant lagoon, pier and beaches—in that order.  Best baits still bloodworms, but sand crabs, ghost shrimp and mussel also work.  Shore fishing has been much better than offshore.


Surf Report Aug 22, 2010

All derbies are concluded until March 2011.  Even with the colder water this time of the year, the corbina are still biting along most of the North County beaches.  Bloodworms and sand crabs are always the best bait.  Anglers are catching buckets of sardines at the end of the Oceanside Pier and croaker are being taken at the surf line.  Carlsbad power plant lagoon is giving up short halibut, spotted bay bass and croaker.




Surf Report Aug 8, 2010

Alex Goss was the winner of the $250 grand prize drawing which ended this years’ derbies. Each participant also received $10 coupons to Mr Peabody’s Bar and Grill.  Next derby will be perch in March 2011.  Croaker still biting well at the Oceanside Pier as well as the Carlsbad Power Plant lagoon.  Bonito have also been reported being caught with bonito flies at the end of the Oceanside Pier. 


Surf Report Aug 2, 2010

The winning fish is the Corbina derby was a 6lb 4oz monster caught by Sergio Rodriquez.  Next up is the grand prize drawing  on Aug 7th for all the derby placers.   The lucky winner will take home $250 in store credit.  Croaker and corbina continue to bite pretty well on North County beaches as well as the Oceanside Pier.  Bloodworms and mussel still tend to be the best baits, but don’t overlook sand crabs if you can find them.  Many more reports of  Leopard sharks being caught on frozen sardines and squid. 


Surf Report July 25, 2010

With six days left in the corbina derby the top fish is a 6lb 4oz whooper caught by Sergio Rodriguez.  Best baits continue to be bloodworm and mussel.  Oceanside Pier has been producing for both corbina and spotfin croaker.  The grand prize ($250) drawing for the derby winners will be held at the conclusion of the corbina derby. 


Surf Report July 11, 2010

Eleven days into the Corbina derby and top fish is 4lb 9oz.  Any sandy beaches are working, but a number of good reports are coming from the Wisconsin St area.  Bloodworms and sand crabs continue to be the best baits.  Still lots of spotfin croaker around with Oceanside Pier being a top producer.  This is the last derby of the year followed by the grand prize drawing, so don’t forget to sign in.


Surf Report July 1, 2010

The croaker derby has concluded with Manny Villaroman taking the contest with a 5lb 9oz spotfin.  Although many four pounders were weighed in, it took a five pounder just to make the board.  Today the corbina derby starts, the last derby of the year.  Best baits are bloodworms and sand crabs.  Lots of sightings from Ponto to Oceanside Harbor.  Might want to try Wisconsin St.  Also, Mr Peabody’s Pub is putting up coupons for the winners.  Don’t forget to sign in at the tackle store.


Surf Report June 22, 2010
Lots of croaker being caught along north county beaches.  Groin north of Oceanside Pier, the Pier and Agua Hedionda Lagoon are all producing nice spotfin.  Best baits continue to be bloodworms and mussel.  Tight spread in the tournament with the top and bottom fish separated by only seven ounces--5lb 9oz to 5lb 2oz.  Water temp continues to rise and more reports of corbina coming in daily. 
Surf Report June 14, 2010

 Croaker derby is well underway and producing a lot of fish.  Top fish is a 5lb 7oz spotfin caught at the Oceanside Pier.  Pier, Agua Hedionda Lagoon and the harbor have all been producing decent size croakers.  All baits seem to be working, but bloodworms, mussel, shrimp and razor clams lead the list.  Looks like you'll have to catch at least a 4 pounder to make the derby board.  Water's slowly warming with more sand crabs and corbina being found. 




























Surf Report June 2, 2010
Halibut derby has concluded with Jeff Suttle taking the top honors with a 24lb 11oz flatty.  Lots of legal halibut reported during the derby with most being taken from Aqua Hedionda and Bataquitos Lagoons.  Live bait got all the big ones.  Croaker derby now in progress.  Also many of reports of spotfin at the lagoons, pier and harbor.  Bloodworms, Gulp! sandworms and mussel have been the best producers.  Don't forget to sign in for the derby at the tackle store. 
Surf Report May 9, 2010

Halibut derby is in full swing with a 24lb 11oz fish topping the list followed by a 14lb 8oz, 11llb, 9lb 6oz and a 7lb 13oz  rounding out the next four spots.     Best baits have been live smelt/sardines with most fish coming from Agua Hedionda Lagoon, although some nice fish have been reported coming from Oceanside Harbor.  Those targeting spotfin and perch are most productive using bloodworms. 

Surf Report May 3, 2010

Cooler water has not seemed to dampen the spring halibut bite.  Several keeper halibut weighed in at the tackle store  were taken at Agua Hedionda Lagoon and topped by the derby's first fish caught today by Jeff Suttle weighing in at 24lb 11oz.  Reports of halibut also in Oceanside Harbor and Bataquitos Lagoon.  Spotfin croaker also being taken in the lagoons and harbor.  Halibut derby runs the month of May.  Don't forget to sign in.  Just completed April perch derby was won by Andy Seraspe with a 2lb 1oz fish.

Surf Report Apr 25, 2010
Dave Gnade added a 1lb 6oz perch to the derby putting him in 3rd place.  Andy Seraspe weighed in a 2lb 1oz  fish for first place. Still lots of perch being caught, but mostly on the small side.  More and more reports of keeper halibut being taken at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Ron Corr scored a 26 pounder this week.  Live bait gets the best results.  Don't forget next month is the halibut derby. 
Surf Report April 18, 2010
Mostly small perch being caught, although two fish weighing 1lb 2oz and 1lb 13oz  were weighed in this week.  More and more reports of spotfin croaker being caught in Oceanside Harbor.  Bloodworms is best bait, but Gulp! and mussel also working.  Reports of keeper halibut being taken between Coast Highway and tresles at Bataquitos Lagoon on live bait and plastics as well as in Agua Hedionda Lagoon. 
Surf Report Apr 11, 2010
Dave Gnade was the winner of the March perch derby with a 1lb 14oz fish.  Only the first three fish were over one pound.  First position in April's derby goes to Andy Seraspe with a 1lb 8oz  fish.  Plenty of perch around, but most have been on the small side.  Reports of good sized spotfin croacker in Agua Hedionda have become more prevalent.  Mussel and bloodworms seem to be the best bait.  Plastics are catching a good number of halibut just over 22" at Bataquitos Lagoon just east of the coast highway. 
Surf Report Mar 15, 2010
Andy Saraspe added a 1lb 5oz perch for second place.  Perch was caught in Imperial Beach.  Lots of perch being caught in North County, but most are small.  Several reports of spotted bay bass and halibut in the power plant lagoon.  Plastics were used for the former and live bait for the latter.  Good weather forecast for the next 10 days.
Surf Report Mar 8, 2010

Derby leader this week is Dave Gnade who caught a 1lb 8oz perch at Imperial Beach.  Anglers have been reporting many smaller perch catches at almost any beach.  Best baits are bloodworms and small pieces of anchovy.  Also a better bite of spotfin croaker at Agua Hedionda Lagoon has been reported with fish up to four pounds.  Don't  forget to sign in at the tackle store before fishing the derby. 

Surf Report Mar 1, 2010
Numerous reports of good sized spotfin croaker being taken at both Oceanside Pier and Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Best baits are bloodworms and mussel.  Perch also being taken with any small bait most places in north county,  Today is first day of the perch derby.  Don't forget to sign up at the tackle store.  Store credit to first five finishers.
Surf Report Feb 21, 2010
Best report this week was Chris Kiley's 27lb 9oz halibut caught  on 4" Gulp! minnow on the bayside of Coronado.  Anglers fishing between weather systems and big surf  have, as usual, been taking small perch.  Word from the lagoons has been relatively quiet with the occasional halibut reported.  4th annual perch derby runs 1-31 march. Don't forget to sign in.  $195 worth of store credits to top five finishers.  Further details can be found at the tackle store. 
Surf Report Feb 14, 2010
Better weather ahead this week.  Don't overlook keeper halibut in Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Plastics, live bait and frozen achovies. in that order can be the ticket.  Perch still bill of fare in the surf.  Bloodworms or any small baits should work.  Don't forget perch derby coming up in March. 
Surf Report Feb 7, 2010

Run off making the water murky for a couple of days, so fish the edges where it's cleaner.  Perch still biting along the coast, spot fin croaker can be had in the lagoons and reports of halibut on plastics in Oceanside harbor.  Bloodworms (we carry them all year long) and Gulp! sandworms still the best bait, but you might also try shrimp in the lagoons.  Don't forget the perch derby coming up in March.  More info at the tackle store. 

Surf Report Jan 30, 2010
For those who fish between weather systems, fishing has not been too bad.  Surf perch are readily caught all along the county beaches with bloodworms being the best bait.  Agua Hedionda Lagoon has been producing small halibut, spotfin croaker and the usual sharks and rays.  Tide swings have been extreme which gets otherwise lethargic fish moving.  Water temps running 59-60 degrees--not too bad for winter.    A reminder that Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle will be holding its annual Perch Derby starting in March.  Lots of store credits for the winners.  Details are available at the tackle store. 
Surf Report December 22, 2009
Weather tough, water cold, yet still catching perch for the diehards.  Had a report today of small corbina being caught on bloodworms in Carlsbad off Palomar Airport Road.  Weather should be good for the next few days.   Don't forget  to get your 2010 fishing license.  We got 'em.  Merry Christmas.
Surf Report December 13, 2009
It's that time of year when the fishing tends to slow down.  Add in the recent storms and the action has been tough.  Best spots to fish are the lagoons where there is less turmoil.  Agua Hedionda has been producing spotted bay bass when using plastics.  Always look for reaction bites on running tides this time of year. NOTE:  We have the 2010 fishing licenses on hand.  $46.25 for fresh and salt.  Makes a great stocking stuffer. 
Surf Report Nov 22, 2009
Nothing unusual to report.  Perch (small) still being caught on bloodworm and Gulp!.  Bataquitos Logoon producing spotted bay bass on plastics.  Bay bass, short halibut and rays in Agua Hedionda Lagoon on cut mackerel, shrimp, anchovy or squid.
Surf Report Nov 15, 2009
That time of year--back to winter hours now closing at 6 PM instead of 7 PM.  Open hours remain unchanged.  Perch still the best bet in North County with bloodworms and Gulp! Camo worns the best baits.  Agua Hedionda producing spotted bay bass and short halibut on plastics.  Oceanside Pier slow but always a few spotfin croaker near the breaker line. 
Surf Report November 1, 2009
Water temps have dropped, sandcrabs have disappeared and wnter is approaching.  Perch fishing is fair up and down the county.  Agua Hedionda will give you a shot at the spotted bay bass with frozen anchovies and plastics.  Oceanside Pier has been pretty slow, but you still have a shot at spotfin and yellowfin croacker around the surf line as well as mackerel on the sibiki bait rigs when they come through further on out the pier.  Best all around bait for most surf species is still bloodworms. 
Surf Report Sept 20, 2009
Water temps still up, but fishing has slowed down a bit.  Small bonito still coming in and out at the Oceanside Pier, but the most productive place is probably Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Been a pretty decent spotted bay bass bite on frozen anchovies.  Still the best time of the year for most species,  however they are where you find them, so you gotta keep at it.  Walking the beach at low tide is a good time to find structure and holes to come back to when the tide gets higher.  Tight lines!
Surf Report Sept 13, 2009
With the water as warm as it is, now is the best time of the year to be surf fishing for mutiple species.  Leopard sharks have been showing off La Jolla area as well as around the Carlsbad jetties.  Frozen anchovies and squid are baits of choice.  Corbina appearing all over, but as usual very skitterish.  Got to stalk 'em; carefully tossing bait in their path.  Bloodworms and sand crabs are best, however sand crabs are getting harder to find.  Small bonito still moving around Oceanside pier and are fun to catch with bonito flies or anything bright.  Spotfin also around in the lagoons as well as the O'side pier.  Bloodworms and mussel are best baits.  Good luck.
Surf Report Aug 9, 2009
Canuto Padila has won this season's $250 store credit during the grand prize drawing held yeaterday.  Corbina continue to bite very well off local beaches.  Bloodworm and sand crabs are best baits.  Oceanside pier still doing well with spotfin croaker and sargo.  Additonally, bonita have also started to show up.  Good reports of leopard sharks off La Jolla using squid and/or cut mackerel.  Warm water persists, so now is the best time of the year to be fishing the surf. 
Surf Report Aug 3, 2009

Winner of the July corbina derby was Dave Gnade of San Diego with a 5lb 3oz fish.  This concludes the surf derbies until March next year.  Grand drawing for all derby money winners will be noon Saturday Aug 8.  Each winner will get an amount of tickets equal to his place in a particular derby.  Grand prize is $250 store credit.    On the fishing front mackerel and spotfin doing well at the Oceanside pier.  Leopard sharks biting well at La Jolla on squid and cut mackerel.  Good spotted bay bass bite at Agua Hedionda lagoon. 

Surf Report July 27, 2009
Four days to go for the corbina derby with the largest fish at 5lb 3oz.  Spotfin croaker still biting well on bloodworms on most beaches and a number of reports of yellowfin croaker off the pier.  Mackerel have also been biting well off the pier.  Should be the best fishing of the summer with the warm water temps.  Don't miss the action.
Surf ReportJuly 16, 2009
Corbina fishing is heating up.  Dave Gnade leads the derby with a 4lb 3oz fish.  Bloodworms and sand crabs are the best bait.  Light line and fluocarbon are the key for these skitterish fish.  Croaker fishing still productive in the lagoons and at the Oceanside pier.  Bloodworms, sand crabs and mussel are the preferred baits.  With warming summer waters fishing will only get better.  Don't forget to find structure/holes during low tide then come back and fish it during higher tides. 
Surf Report July 6, 2009
Top corbina in the derby is a 4lb 7oz fish caught by Canuto Padilla.  More corbina being seen and caught.  Best baits are sand crabs, blood worms and mussel.  Croaker still going strong on the pier and in the lagoons.  Blood worms still the best bait.  Lots of mackerel and sardines being caught at the pier on small pieces of bait or anything shiny.  Top croaker in the June derby was a 6lb 11oz fish caught by Ben Leau of Oceanside. 
Surf Report June 28, 2009
Croaker still continue to bite up and down the coast with Agua Hedionda Lagoon and the pier the most productive spots.  Top fish in the derby is still 6lb 11oz.  Blood worms, ghost shrimp, sand crabs and mussel continue  to be the best baits.  Halibut   also biting with live bait and plastics still the best baits.  Agua Hedionda is the place to go for the flatties.  Next and last derby of the year is Corbina during the month of July.  Don't forget to sign in at the tackle store.
Surf Report June 21, 2009
Croaker still continue to bite.  Top fish in the derby to date is 6lb 11oz caught by Ben Leau at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Blood worms, ghost shrimp and mussel are still the best baits.  Mackerel are also being caught at the Oceanside Pier, mostly at night, and anything shiny will work.  On another matter, when you need a Mexican fishing license to chase the tuna when they get in range, get them at Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle.  We always have a large supply on hand.  $60 for a year and $32 for a week.  Don't waste time. Come to the one stop shop!
Surf Report Jun 15, 2009
Croaker fishing has been hot, hot, hot with reports of large croaker being taken up and down the coast, on the pier and in the lagoons.  Although the largest croaker in the derby is 5lb 6oz, many large fish have been reported including a gutted 29 inch 7lb 6oz fish weighed in at the tackle store on Sunday caught at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Preferred baits continue to be blood worms, ghost shrimp and sand crabs. 
Surf Report June 2, 2009
Winner of the halibut derby was 13 lbs.  Now into the croaker derby.  Lots of large spotfin being taken at the Oceanside pier, Agua Hedionda Lagoon and up and down the beaches.  Really on fire.  Bloodworms, sand crabs, ghost shrinp and mussel in that order are the favored bait .  Don't forget to sign in at the tackle store for the croaker derby.
Surf Report May 25, 2009
Lots of keeper halibut being taken.  Many good spots, but  Agua Hedionda and Ponto seem to be the biggest producers.  Jose Medina weighed in the top halibut this afternoon with a 13lb 8oz flattie caught on a live sardine.  Lots of spotfin croaker have been taken at the Oceanside pier.  Best baits are bloodworms, ghost shrimp and sand crabs.  Sand crabs have shown up all along the coast.  Been a real good bait in the Ponto area with several 3-5lb croaker and corbina being weighed in at the tackle store.   Six more days left in the halibut derby.  Next up is spotfin croaker. Don't forget to sign in.
Surf Report May 17, 2009

Although not real big, a number of keeper halibut in the 7-8lb range have been weighed in this week.  Leader in the May derby is Craig Taylor with a 9lb 11oz flattie.  Preferred bait has been plastics, with live smelt and frozen anchovies also producing.   As the water has been warming up, the spotfin croaker bite has really turned on with blood worms being the best bait.  Lots of corbina also showing, but still a little early.

Surf Report May 11, 2009
All the big halibut seemed to have been caught prior to the derby,  Lots of reports of keepers at Agua Hedionda, but nobody's bringing them in,  Biggest fish is still 6lb 14oz.  Should be easy to beat.  Plastics still the best bet. 
Surf Report May 3 2009
Winner of the Perch Derby was Victor Florez with a 1lb 6oz surf perch.  May is the Halibut derby and top fish so far is a 6lb 14oz flatty.  Agua Hedionda has been producing, but Bataquitos and San Elijo are also worth a shot.  Most productive bait has been plastics in the three inch range.  Looks like the spawn may be beginning as a number of fish in the 10 pound class have been weighed before the tournement began.  Don't forge to sign in at the tackle store to be eligible. 
Surf Report April 26, 2009
Although surf fishing has been relatively slow for the larger perch, there has been numerous small fish caught.  Top fish is still 1lb 6oz.  On the lagoon front things are picking up.  Lots of keeper halibut being taken at Agua Hedionda on plastics and frozen anchovies.  A probable early spawn, rising water temps and grunion run are helping this bite.  Lots of spotfin croaker also being taken in the lagoon with blood worms by far the bait of choice.  Four days left in the perch derby.  Next up is Halibut Derby during the month of May.  Don't forget to sign in again at the tackle store to be eligible.  .
Surf Report April 12, 2009
Agua Hedionda Lagoon has been the hot spot this week with a number of spotfin croaker in the 3-5lb range and quite a few legal halibut being reported.  Bloodworms were best for the croaker and plastics for the halibut.  The surf perch action has been mostly small quality,  but Victor Florez weighed in a 1lb 6oz perch to lead the derby this week.  Don't forget to sign up for each derby.  Still more than two weeks to get in the money.
Surf Report April 5, 2009
Andy Saraspe was the winner of the March Perch Derby with a 1lb 14oz fish.  April is the second phase of our perch derby  and requires another sign up at the tackle store.  Agua Hedionda Lagoon has been heating up a bit with a 39lb 4oz Halibut caught by Jim Thornton on a plastic swim bait.  More reports of halibut taken in the surf with the running of Grunion right now.  Plastic seem to be the desired method in the surf. 
Surf Report Mar 29, 2009
Last few days to get that qualifying perch in.  Perch still abundant at most beaches, but most on the small side.  More reports of keeper halibut an spotted bay bass taken in Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Don't forget April Perch Derby requires another sign up at the tackle store. 
Surf Report Mar 22, 2009

David Kellogg landed a 23lb 1oz Halibut at Agua Hedionda Lagoon this week on a grub.  Lots more reports coming out of the lagoon, so maybe the spawn is starting to get active.  Large perch still slow, but small perch aboundant.  Manny Ontoveriso added a 1lb 12oz  local slab to the derby this week on a grub.  Little over a week to go for this derby, so get your fish in.  Plenty of room to win.  Next Perch Derby in April.  Don't forget it requires another sign in at the tackle store. 

Surf Report Mar 15, 2009
Halibut starting to heat up in Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Lots of shorts, but also a good number of keepers being reported.  Favored baits are frozen anchovies and baitfish style plastics (green).  Top two contenders in the March Perch Derby are Andy Saraspe and Dave Gnade with 1lb 14oz and 1lb 8oz perch repectively.  Baits were worms and fish were caught in Imperial Beach.  Don't forget to sign up at Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle. 
Surf Report Mar 8, 2009
Things starting to look up.  More Halibut being reported in the lagoons and harbor.  High mark was a 28" halibut taken from the harbor this week.  Perch also looking up.  Top derby perch this week weighed 1lb 8oz.  Bloodworms, small pieces of squid and Gulp! have been doing the trick.  Don't forget to sign up for the March Perch Derby at the tackle store. 
Surf Report March 1, 2009

March Perch derby starts today.  Make sure you sign up first at the tackle store and then bring in the big one.  All the rules are at the store.  On a  positive note, lots of short Halibut and Spotfin Croaker being taken at Agua Hedionda Lagoon.  Earlier in the week Jeff Kuntz took a 28lb 1oz Striped Bass on a Lucky Craft lure in the surf at Del Mar. 

Surf Report Feb 8, 2009
Mostly slow this week because of the weather.  However, for the hardy Agua Hedionda was still producing Spotfin and short Halibut.  Probably have a decent weather window Tuesday through Thursday to wet a line. 
Surf Report Feb 1, 2009
Now's the time to hit the lagoons.  Specifically, Agua Hedionda has been giving up Spotfin Croacker and Halibut at a pretty good clip.  Blood worms and ghost shrimp are best baits.  Pier has been slow this week with occasional school of mackerel blowing through.  Shore anglers still picking up perch where they can find them.  Don't forget March Perch Derby.  Sign up will be available by mid Feb at the tackle store. 
Surf Report Jan 25, 2009
Weather has dampened much of the fishing this week except for the hardy.  But for those who ventured out,  Agua Hedionda has been producing more spotfin croaker when the dredging is active.  Best baits are ghost shrimp and bood worms.  Good reports also coming from short jetty at mouth of San Luis Rey River.  Leopard sharks and even some corbina have been taken.  Squid and blood worms are preferred.  Better weather next week should make for better fishing. 
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